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EN 1090

EN 1090

The NEN-EN 1090 is part of a series of standards that have been created to meet the Construction Products Regulations (CPR). The EN 1090 standard has implications for companies involved with the manufacturing of steel constructions. What requirements a company must meet depends on the role of the company in the supply chain.

For example, for manufacturers of steel pipes it is a hard requirement that they are Factory Production Control (FPC) certified by a recognized organization. Furthermore, a manufacturer must be able to provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP). A DoP provides information about the properties of the product, the conformity of the type of steel and its performance. This statement does not need to be sent with each delivery. It is sufficient if the manufacturer provides a DoP for each standard / quality combination.

Contractors or steel construction companies must ensure that the products used are traceable in accordance with EN 1090-2 section 5.2. For execution class 2, 3 and 4, products with a yield strength of 355N / mm² or higher must have a 3.1 inspection certificate. Products for the execution classes 3 and 4 must be fully traceable in all stages. From receiving, processing to delivery. 

What offers Van Leeuwen?
To ensure that both our customers and we as Van Leeuwen are able to meet the requirements of En 1090, we offer the following services.

  1. Purchase / Approved manufacturers list
    We only buy materials from approved manufacturers, who are carefully selected and fully comply with all our requirements. The relevant certificates from manufacturers such as ISO 9001, EC Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and DoP statements are kept up to date.
  2. DoP statements available in digital portal
    The DoP statements of our suppliers are saved and kept up to date by us. The DoP statements are available for you in our online certificates portal.
  3. Material certificates available in personal digital portal
    Your order history, from account-activation, including material certificates of all products always available in our online certificates portal. 
  4. Traceability
    Van Leeuwen uses an advanced software system that supports our entire process of purchase, storage and stock management, sales and logistics. This allows us to guarantee full traceability of the order from the customer to the material producer. 
  5. Stamping cut lengths
    For cut tubes which traceability is required, such as for the execution classes 3 and 4, we can stamp the cut lengths. This is done by authorized quality inspectors. A stamping declaration will be provided with details of the manufacturer, batch numer, material grade and initials of the inspector. Due to this service full traceability of cut lengths is guaranteed. 



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