Kristína Pápaiová

Supply Chain Specialist
Van Leeuwen Slovakia

‘I came here in Pusté Úľany in 2005 through a friend, right after a branch had been moved here. After extensive professional in-company training I started working in the new branch with 25 new colleagues. Due to my proficiency in several languages I became responsible for contact with foreign suppliers as Purchase Officer. In 2008, I was also given the task of Sales Manager for customers in the United Kingdom and Poland. Soon thereafter our portfolio expanded significantly, because we also started to focus on the Automotive segment. Each and every one developments where I was given the opportunity to grow and from which I learned a great deal.

In 2016, I was given the opportunity of working eighteen months in London, where I had lived before. Once I returned to Slovakia I was able to rejoin my former employer, this time as Supply Chain Specialist. In my current position I serve as the link between customer demand and production, and I am responsible for production planning. I really like my work. Every day is different, brings new challenges and I learn something new.

What is my ambition, you ask? I want to even further improve in my current position. In this respect I view Benteler Distribution’s acquisition by Van Leeuwen as a positive development. This enables us to offer our customers even more services and I expect that we will continue to grow. As we did before, together we are focused on the future and we work together on achieving our business goals. It’s all team work!’

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