Serving our markets

Van Leeuwen supplies its products and services to a highly diverse range of markets and customers. Our local specialists have extensive knowledge of products and customer applications, and this, together with our elaborate international network of suppliers, make us a strong partner. We cooperate internationally to help customers advance locally and to ensure they can do their work better and faster. By cooperating intensively with our customers, we know what they need and provide them with the best solutions with the greatest added value.

Mechanical Engineering

By increasingly more often also supplying semi-finished products we help improve the quality of the end-product and help make the customer’s production process more efficient.

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Civil Engineering & Construction

The current market unrest means that right now we can make a difference with our technical knowledge, strong international stock management and optimal service provision.

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In close and open consultation with our customers and suppliers, and by sharing knowledge and information, we look for the best technical solutions together.

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We do all we can to supply custom work and, for example, can have parts made with an extremely low tolerance diameter.

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Process & Power

Most customers in this segment above all are still looking for a reliable and expert partner that consistently manages to supply pipes and tubes of the best quality on schedule. And Van Leeuwen always excels in this respect.

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Van Leeuwen always has access to the latest knowledge and information about specifications, and is able to provide customers with advice and take work off their hands.

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