Civil Engineering & Construction

Scarcity in steel production is the biggest challenge facing the Civil Engineering & Construction segment at the beginning of 2021. As a result, prices are increasing worldwide. At the same time this provides our company with opportunities for retaining and acquiring customers. This is because one of Van Leeuwen’s strengths is providing added value at competitive market prices.

‘The current market unrest means that right now we can make a difference with our technical knowledge, strong international stock management and optimal service provision,’ says Chris Taekema, Commercial Officer at Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht in the Netherlands. Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht serves a large number of diverse customers in the Civil Engineering & Construction segment. In 2020, the branch supplied its highest tonnage for the construction of distribution centers.

Business is picking up

Last year, as a result of the corona pandemic, Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht was affected by the cancellation and deferral of projects. Furthermore, some customers deferred the placement of new orders. Nonetheless, a large number of projects proceeded as planned, including the construction of the new roof of a football stadium in Alkmaar in the Province of Noord-Holland. Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht supplied steel pipes to the steel construction company Oostingh ASK Romein for this purpose.

‘However, demand once again started increasing at the end of 2020,’ says James Muyldermans, also a Commercial Officer at Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht. The team in Zwijndrecht expects business to continue to pick up in 2021. Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht is also observing a growing demand for more sustainably produced pipes and pipe and tube applications in this segment. In addition, increasingly more customers are making use of our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) service, which makes it possible for us to more quickly and effectively communicate with them and other partners in the supply chain.

Solutions for any specific customer demand

Just as his colleagues in Zwijndrecht, Marco Giovanoli, Head of Sales Steel/Metal Construction at Van Leeuwen’s Swiss company Kindlimann, has every confidence in the future. As the number one steel pipe and tube specialist in Switzerland, the company has maintained a strong market position here for many years. ‘The key at all times is to spot and respond to market opportunities and trends on a timely basis, even in challenging times. We are proficient in this area,’ says Marco.

Our customers are looking for a partner that can optimally support and guide them in all questions relating to pipes and pipe and tube applications; they are looking for solutions. With its very broad stock portfolio and optimal service delivery, Kindlimann can provide these solutions and the company meets all of the specific demands of customers in this segment, including, for example, laser treatments, special transport of pipes of unusual lengths, and heavy wall pipes filled with concrete.

Largest laser cutting center in Denmark

Civil Engineering is the largest segment served by Van Leeuwen’s company Heléns in Denmark. It represents a total of 40 percent of its sales volume. While Heléns Denmark is a relatively small player on the Danish market, it has conquered a solid position by having the largest laser cutting center in the country. In addition to laser cutting, the company also specializes in two other pipe and tube treatments: circular saw and band saw cutting. The company serves its permanent customers with customer dedicated stocks, including longer pipe lengths, as well as ready-made parts from stock. ‘With this offer of products and services and our high level of just-in-time delivery, we expect to be able to continue to develop our business in our own country and beyond,’ says Managing Director Stig Rex. ‘Moreover, as a modest part of Van Leeuwen, our company can fully exploit the available synergy benefits and our customers ultimately profit from this.’

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