Mechanical Engineering

Within the Mechanical Engineering segment, digitalization and robotization play an increasingly larger role. As an international and leading pipe and tube distribution company, we can only make a difference in this segment by providing optimal service, quality, efficiency and stable pricing. All of this we offer abundantly!

The production processes of our customers in the Mechanical Engineering segment have been drastically digitalized, as well as increasingly more often roboticized, in recent years. This has an impact on various areas, including on the materials we supply. Materials consistently must be of the highest quality with low tolerance values, for example. In addition, the customers in this segment are insisting on increasingly more strict material certification and inspection criteria.

Van Leeuwen differentiates itself in this market with its specialized product knowledge, custom services, distribution expertise, a global network and stocks. Eric Pauker, Sales Manager Industry at Van Leeuwen Germany: ‘Our professional knowledge and our capacity to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of our customers with rapid solutions, determine our success in this respect. Furthermore, our Key Account Managers support our customers throughout the world with our elaborate network.’

Increasingly more semi-finished products 
Van Leeuwen is able to provide any conceivable pipe treatment for its customers. Robert van der Deijl, Team Leader Equipment Manufacturing at Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht: ‘By increasingly more often also supplying semi-finished products – unique products with fixed specifications – we help improve the quality of the end-product and help make the customer’s production process more efficient.’ Customers no longer need to carry out any treatments themselves and can accelerate their production.

We make smart use of our network for the manufacture of semi-finished products. Thom Bate, Commercial Manager at Van Leeuwen United Kingdom: ‘For example, one of our customers in the Hydraulics segment uses the materials we supply to produce a semi-finished product in accordance with our instructions, for another customer in the Mechanical Engineering segment.’ 
We make things as easy as possible for our customers in other ways as well. For example, we put together packages with different products that we deliver just-in-time. Thanks to the detailed labelling information, the specific products are delivered exactly at that part of the production location where they are needed. 

Focus on certification and inspection 
Anne-Marie Lauwers, Senior Key Account Manager at Wauters: ‘Customers are making increasingly higher demands, for example relating to the mechanical properties of materials and insist on having the proper accompanying certificates. In addition to 3.1 certification we offer them 3.2 certification as an extra service.’ Customers are also insisting on packaging materials of higher quality. For example, if the components for a motor must stay scratch-free, we determine how to perform the treatment and how to subsequently transport the materials, in close consultation with the customer. Packaged in jute and after that in a crate. This is one of the possible solutions.

In this segment, Van Leeuwen’s scale also is a major advantage in enabling optimal service delivery. The different Van Leeuwen branches make use of their joint purchasing power and of one another’s expertise and stocks. For example, if a delivery from a manufacturer in the United Kingdom is delayed, Van Leeuwen United Kingdom can immediately supplement its stocks from the stocks of Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht or Van Leeuwen Precision.

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