Pipes for Mammoet's lifting crane of the future

In 2020, Mammoet, market leader in the rental of heavy transport, brought the Mammoet Focus 30 to market. This ‘lifting crane of the future’ was designed in-house, specifically for heavy lifting in confined spaces. The crane requires an area of just 22 by 22 meters for assembly and operation. For example, the crane can be used for new development projects, in densely built-up areas and at refineries. From the very beginning, Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht contributed ideas for the specifications of the pipe materials for this crane and for logistics solutions. 

Jacques Stoof, Global Director Market Development and Innovation at Mammoet and the originator of the Mammoet Focus 30, explains that the Mammoet Focus 30 is unique in the world. ‘A lack of space for renovating obsolete refineries, for example in the port of Rotterdam, is a common occurrence. Our crane is a game changer here, because refineries can now reach anywhere despite a lack of space.’ Stoof continues: ‘We involved Van Leeuwen in the engineering process two years ago to solicit their ideas about the use of materials. Our criteria were strict; for example the material had to be strong and easy to weld. Welding robots are used for the production of the Mammoet Focus 30. This means that components must be of consistent high quality, with low tolerance values. We knew that Van Leeuwen has the required in-house knowledge and expertise, excellent contacts with the right mills and can supply from stock. They were of tremendous assistance to us.’ 
Van Leeuwen supplies all of the required pipe materials for the crane to Mammoet itself, as well as to various Mammoet subcontractors. In 2020, a total of 310 metric tons of materials were supplied. 

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