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Van Leeuwen is a global player in the field of Process & Power. Also for this segment, it has been an exceptionally challenging year. There are however plenty of opportunities for further expanding our market share in this segment over the coming decade. Customers in this market first and foremost are looking for a reliable partner able to meet their high demands. This is exactly the area in which Van Leeuwen excels.

Following tumbling oil prices at the beginning of 2020 and a challenging year, the Process & Power segment is experiencing a recovery. ‘Oil prices have stabilized and since the end of 2020, we are once again seeing an increase in the demand for our pipes and pipe and tube components,’ says Victor Ea, Branch Manager at Van Leeuwen Malaysia. The branch serves a large number of customers in this segment and primarily supplies materials for onshore and offshore oil and gas projects. The demand for oil and gas in the world is not expected to decline for some time, and Malaysia is no exception. ‘The growth in our region in particular relates to gas projects and the construction of gas-fired power plants,’ says Victor.

High customer demands

There are challenges here as well. There is severe competition in the Process & Power industry. Increasingly more Chinese and Indian suppliers that offer their products at low prices are entering the market. At the same time, we are seeing that customers are demanding increasingly higher product quality, and that effective and fast service is especially valued. This is precisely what we are able to respond to with our extremely broad portfolio of pipes and pipe and tube materials, technical support and solutions.

Within this segment, Van Leeuwen Germany primarily focuses on maintenance projects for power plants and refineries. Due to the strict corona measures it is precisely these projects that were deferred in 2020. ‘However, starting in 2021, we picked up where we left off, although we were not exactly sitting still before that either,’ says Meikel Pitsch, Commercial Director at Van Leeuwen Germany. Our teams are always looking for new opportunities in the German market. For example, in 2020, Van Leeuwen Germany focused on developing a new series of pipe and tube fittings together with our engineering partners. ‘We expect to be able to acquire new business with these products in the near future,’ says Meikel.


In spite of everything, Van Leeuwen Stainless had a good year. ‘Fortunately, almost all deliveries and acquired projects in this segment were able to proceed, albeit sometimes with some delay,’ says Remy van der Graaf, Sales Stainless Projects. Van Leeuwen Stainless, is the 'stainless steel specialist' within the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group and operates in various segments, including the petrochemical and chemical industries. Van Leeuwen sees investments in sustainability growing in this segment. Installations are being built that make use of geothermal heat to heat homes, greenhouses and companies. Or to process difficult to recycle plastics into oil. This includes large tank storage companies that invest in the expansion of facilities for storing renewable raw materials for the production of biodiesel. Van Leeuwen Stainless contributes to this by supplying pipes and tubes, fittings and flanges for these different sustainability projects.  

‘Following an eventful year, we are now looking ahead to the future,’ says Malcolm Eaglefield, State Manager Western Australia. ‘We are positive about the future and for 2022-2023 foresee an increase in contracts from the oil and gas sector.’ The State Manager emphasizes that the deciding factor in contract award by far is not always price. Most customers in this segment above all are still looking for a reliable and expert partner that consistently manages to supply pipes and tubes of the best quality on schedule. And Van Leeuwen always excels in this respect.


Preferred Yara Nitrates supplier

Yara Nitrates, a large Norwegian chemical concern called on Van Leeuwen Australia in 2019. 

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Fast delivery for pharmaceutical company

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Van Leeuwen Malaysia involved in Kasawari gas field development project

Van Leeuwen Malaysia in 2020 succeeded in acquiring a contract from an engineering firm working on developing the Kasawari offshore gas field in the Malaysian portion of the South China Sea.

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