Fast delivery for pharmaceutical company

In 2020, Van Leeuwen Stainless at breakneck speed supplied a pharmaceutical company with welded pipelines and pipe and tube components in accordance with EN standards at dimensions ranging from DN15 to DN450. The company built a new branch in the Emmen region in the Netherlands for the production of blood bags and was looking for fast and expert service. To ensure a proper connection to the pipes, we contracted a treatment specialist for this contract to taper the flanges. In addition, we also supplied various DVWG pipes and VSH compression fittings to ensure the materials are able to withstand high pressures.

Within two months, Van Leeuwen Stainless managed to supply all of the pipes, fittings and flanges for the piping systems used to transport different types of fluids. These piping systems are ultimately connected to the machines that produce the blood bags, as well as other products. In June, Van Leeuwen Stainless’ employees met with the customer for initial construction discussions and two months later all of the materials had been delivered. 

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