Felipe Augusto

Location Van Leeuwen United Kingdom
Position Sales Business Manager
At Van Leeuwen since 2019
Age 33

Felipe Augusto has been employed as Sales Business Manager at Van Leeuwen United Kingdom since 2019. His team has significantly expanded over the past three years. ‘I appreciate the confidence I am given to be allowed to lead this great team.’

As Sales Business Manager, Felipe Augusto forms part of the Van Leeuwen United Kingdom management team. In addition, he provides the day-to-day management for a sales team that operates from three locations: Sheffield, Brierley Hill and Basingstoke. ‘Together we are responsible for serving a group of small and medium-sized customers, primarily companies in the Mechanical Engineering segment,’ says Felipe. Felipe has a degree in engineering. Before joining Van Leeuwen in 2019, he worked for various other companies, including a construction company and an industrial company. This provided him with an excellent foundation for his current position at Van Leeuwen. He further finetuned his skills with a master’s degree in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship.

Implementation of webshop

Felipe: ‘My specialty is finding the best technical solutions for our customers. This is why I am perfectly at home in my present position. I also like to identify niche markets in which we can play a role with our products over the long term.’ Felipe is proud of the implementation of a webshop for customers in the United Kingdom in 2021. ‘In 2019, I visited Van Leeuwen’s Swedish company Heléns for this purpose to learn from the experience gained by our colleagues there. They had previously launched a similar webshop. Next, together with my own sales team, I developed a plan to set up a webshop in the United Kingdom. The webshop has since become operational. This enables us to offer our customers an online price list that is always current. In addition, customers with price or discount agreements can make online calculations and place orders online. We aim to improve the customer experience with this new webshop.’

Investing in the future

Van Leeuwen is a great company to work for, according to Felipe. ‘We are active in a wide range of markets throughout the world. Talented and driven people work here that like to go the extra mile for our customers.’ In addition, Felipe finds it interesting to form part of an organization that through an acquisition (of Benteler Distribution in 2019) has become twice as large and fully invests in the future. Felipe wants to continue to develop his skills to be able to serve Van Leeuwen to the best of his ability in the future. ‘Who knows, perhaps I will be able to advance to take on a global role. In any event that is my dream and my ambition.’