Miroslav Týr

Location Van Leeuwen Czech Republic
Position Production Manager
At Van Leeuwen since 2021
Age 38

Miroslav Týr is Production Manager at Van Leeuwen Czech Republic. He has become a specialist in the Automotive segment. ‘Customer demands in this segment are high. However, because of our in-depth knowledge of products, quality requirements and the market, we always succeed in meeting expectations.’ Van Leeuwen Czech Republic invested in two new laser machines for the largest order it acquired in 2021.

In 2008, after completing his electrical engineering studies, Miroslav started his electrical engineering career. Five years later he moved over to the Automotive segment. ‘Product innovation in this segment is proceeding at a rapid pace and I find that appealing,’ says the Production Manager. ‘For me it is extremely exciting to be so closely involved in technological innovations. The engineering possibilities are unprecedented, particularly in this sector.’

Knowledge sharing

Miroslav successively worked for a French and German firm in the Automotive segment and in various capacities. For example, he was Process Engineer and Lean Manager. ‘In these positions I acquired broad and in-depth knowledge of products and production processes. This experience is now serving me very well in my current job at Van Leeuwen. Whenever possible, I share my knowledge with colleagues. In addition, as Production Manager, I am responsible for the long-term production plans, as well as resource and budget allocations. Moreover, I work on daily operating challenges and manage the production team, including colleagues from maintenance and the engineers.’ ‘The number of customers in the Automotive segment at Van Leeuwen Czech Republic has grown in recent years,’ says Miroslav. ‘Two years ago, just over half of our customers came from this segment. Today this is more than seventy-five percent. And we expect this growth to continue.’

Biggest challenge ever

At the beginning of 2022, the team in the Czech Republic faced its biggest challenge ever. ‘In 2021, we acquired a very sizable and long-term contract from Benteler,’ says Miroslav. ‘For this project we produce tubes for the dashboard (crossbeam) of cars with the same technical platform (such as Kodiaq, Tiguan and Ateca). This involves over two million tubes annually. We invested in two ultramodern laser machines for treating these tubes.’

‘The project’s challenge primarily lies in the planning. On average we have 12 to 24 months from a project’s start-up to delivery to the customer, but for this project we have only six months from start-up to making the first year’s deliveries. This demands a very strong logistics capability and a strong team. Fortunately, we have both.’

‘Van Leeuwen is a transparent company, that does not constrain us with absurdly stringent rules,’ says Miroslav. ‘In the above-referenced project this works to our advantage. We are capable of quickly changing gears, internally as well as with customers and suppliers. And everyone thinks in terms of solutions and making progress. That gives our teams the energy they need to go for it.’