Report on 2021

The Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group ended 2021 with record sales and net profit figures. After 2020, which was characterized by the integration of a major acquisition, as well as the impact of the corona pandemic, economic conditions at the beginning of 2021 were more favorable than expected. The economy recovered, resulting in an increase in market demand. Major material shortages and a disrupted supply chain resulted in unprecedented price increases worldwide.

With its strong international stock position and sourcing knowledge, Van Leeuwen managed to effectively respond to developments. With a great deal of effort, resourcefulness and the use of its international network, Van Leeuwen was able to provide its customers with the materials they needed. The company benefited from the extra strength it gained through the acquisition of Benteler Distribution at the end of 2019.

The total revenues of the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group amounted to € 1,431 million in 2021 (2020: € 1,178 million). The operating result amounted to € 79 million (2020: € 15 million) and the net result was € 64 million (2020: € 9.4 million). Solvency has improved significantly to 40.7% (2020: 36.8%).

Worldwide market conditions and trends

At the beginning of 2021, the market was unexpectedly confronted with unprecedented price increases. Nothing in 2020 had pointed to this development.

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Financial results

The consolidated net revenues of the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group amounted to € 1,431 million,

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Developments within the organization

Optimal logistics and operations are essential for us to be able to realize our promises to our customers. Our logistics activities can be grouped into three main functions. 

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Strategic developments

In 2020, we developed our new strategic agenda, ‘Van Leeuwen 4.0’. As the number one pipe and tube specialist in the world it is our aim to focus on creating better value for our customers. 

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In 2021, under exceptional market conditions, result as well as sales records were broken and new milestones were reached.
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