Strategic developments

In 2020, we developed our new strategic agenda, ‘Van Leeuwen 4.0’. As the number one pipe and tube specialist in the world it is our aim to focus on creating better value for our customers. On the basis of our broad offer of pipes and pipe and tube products from our global network, but especially through means of the knowledge of our professionals, we fulfil our promise of offering ‘more than tubes’. We are constantly looking for solutions that address customer issues: in the area of logistics planning, stock management and processing, as well as innovative concepts that enable our customers to optimally and efficiently produce their products.

Our strong European distribution organization and our global footprint are great strengths. To ensure the optimal operation of this international distribution network, it is important for us to constantly improve our business processes. Our ERP systems are supportive in this respect. We are increasingly focusing on using digital means to integrate our processes with those of our customers and suppliers. We also invest in advanced processing machines and in robotizing the production process.

Knowledge is decisive in all of this. Our people always are the determining factor in the growth and success of our company. Changes in the market, new systems and other business processes also demand other skills and knowledge of our employees. This is why we continue to invest in further developing our people and in developing their talents. We do this through training and education, recruiting, and by attracting and retaining our employees.

In 2021, a group of 250 managers took steps in implementing the ‘Van Leeuwen 4.0’ strategic agenda. A considerable number of projects and initiatives focused on creating additional value for customers and the integration of business processes has been initiated.