OneHalmstad nearing completion

With the large-scale OneHalmstad project by Heléns Rör AB in Sweden, Van Leeuwen is working on consolidating the warehouse, production and head office at a single location in Olofsdalsvägen in Halmstad. This enables Heléns to respond faster, and with greater flexibility and capacity to our customers’ demands, and to provide even higher quality in its treatments. In 2022, the expansion of the warehouse and the construction of the production facility were completed and the last machines were relocated and installed. The materials from the former Knäred location have been relocated to Halmstad.

At the end of 2022, all operations in Knäred were shut down and Knäred's employees were welcomed to Halmstad. In January 2023, the new warehouse and the production facility in Halmstad were put into full operation. The construction of the new head office is expected to be completed in 2023.

Johan Pettersson, Director of Operations at Heléns Rör: 'In 2023, we will work on the operational fit-up of the warehouse and production facility. We will form new teams, train personnel and develop new best practice procedures. We now have everything in-house to be able to be efficient, but we need our people to make it happen. We are involving our employees in the continuous development and improvement of our work processes. It is exciting to see the construction progress of the head office. We are looking forward to the full consolidation of Heléns in Sweden, and to the completion of OneHalmstad. The move of all of our employees in Halmstad to the head office is planned for the fall of 2023. With all of our employees in Halmstad, with all of their knowledge and expertise, together under a single roof, we can work even more effectively on smart solutions for our customers.’