A great deal of work is being done in front of, as well as behind the scenes, to deliver products to our
customers and projects from mill or warehouse. What does Van Leeuwen do in plain or hidden view
for the customer? We want to be leading and progressive in our added value. We are moving ‘forward’
to the customer, to the warehouse, in the warehouse, from the warehouse, at customers and projects.

Customer Contact & Sales

'I proactively call our customers to monitor developments and to keep abreast of what is happening in the market.'

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Procurement & Quality

'By working with key and preferred suppliers we simplify the procurement process and realize high quality, cost benefits and delivery reliability for our customers.'

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Stocks & Operations

'Through innovation and process improvements we can work faster and more accurately. For the customer this means shorter lead times and better service.'

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Export & Distribution

'To acquire projects we make full use of our international network, and various Van Leeuwen branches cooperate intensively.'

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Contract Management

'Our practical proposals for a more effi cient operation are appreciated by ExxonMobil. We are not only a PFF supplier, we also increase our role as advisor.'

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Project management

'Project management is about listening carefully to the customer, solving potential bottlenecks, and doing what we promised.'

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