Contract Management

André Dekker, Global Contract Director ExxonMobil, Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group:

‘Under the framework contract with ExxonMobil for MRO (maintenance and repair) as well as for projects, Van Leeuwen supplies 22 ExxonMobil sites throughout the world. Over the course of 2015, we visited these sites for the kick-off meetings and quickly acquired knowledge about ExxonMobil. This, in combination with our broad experience, is resulting in all kinds of proposals from our side for more efficient operations. For example, cost reductions through smarter procurement and the standardization of processes at a global level. The global ExxonMobil Procurement Team appreciates our recommendations. ‘Excellent proposal, let’s have a look!’ is the usual response. We are therefore not only a PFF (pipes, fittings, flanges) supplier, we also increase our role as advisor. Following the first implementation phase, we are now focusing on increasingly improving the operational processes and expanding the contract to include new ExxonMobil sites. We always come up with practical proposals. Twice each year we review our plans with top management of ExxonMobil Procurement. With a project of this scale, you must fully dedicate yourself and be available day and night for the customer. And a fast response to widely diverging issues is crucial.’

Amanda Fetter, Regional Contract Lead Van Leeuwen Singapore:

‘Commencing in April last year we started to make deliveries to ExxonMobil plants in Thailand, Australia and Singapore. Due to the diverse groups of buyers in each plant with wide-ranging requirements concerning our services, it is a challenging contract implementation. We develop a good relationship with all local buyers in the MRO supply chain by demonstrating time and again that the materials are delivered within 24 hours; packaged and transported in accordance with customer-specific requirements. To achieve this level of service, we are also on standby for the customer outside normal working hours. Following its implementation, we are now mainly working on optimizing the contract. During the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) conference calls we propose more efficient processes and cost reduction within the operation. An important task within my position is to keep our regional services in line with the contract. All plants must have the same service level. In 2015, we concentrated primarily on ExxonMobil’s downstream activities. Over the coming years, we will expand to include the upstream and mid-stream activities. This is expected to generate more work, especially in Australia.’