Project management

Greg Walker, Commercial Manager, Van Leeuwen Australia:

‘Our specialized product knowledge and experience on the global market enable us to manage highly complex projects extremely well. An example is the Wheatstone LNG Project for  which we supply large
quantities of different pipes, flanges and fittings in accordance with very specific product requirements. We obtain various products from a wide range of suppliers in Europe, South and North America, and
the Far East. Van Leeuwen makes sure that the complete packages of materials are on-site at the right time, so that the customer can meet his tight schedules. Project management is about listening carefully to the customer’s requirements, identifying and solving potential bottlenecks, executing what has been promised and doing so in the manner as agreed upon. We achieve this on the basis of the efforts of our motivated team. We are in close contact with the Van Leeuwen sites in the Netherlands, Singapore and Houston, and therefore operate across various time zones. Effective internal coordination and a flexible working mentality are prerequisites in servicing the customer 24/7. We are available round the clock.’

Leo van der Leer, Project Manager Van Leeuwen, Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands:

‘The largest Van Leeuwen project ever has got to be the Wheatstone LNG Project. In the end we will have supplied approximately 40,000 tons of materials. The project is managed by Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht and is carried out in close cooperation with Van Leeuwen in Australia, Singapore and Houston. Over the past three years, the customer Bechtel Houston often expressed its appreciation for our project team’s high level of responsiveness. The employees in this team are proud of Van Leeuwen and this is evident from the passion with which they do their work every day. The result is the ultimate in service and commitment to the customer. We respond quickly to every question and we regularly visit Houston to personally review a range of matters with the customer. This way we show that we do not evade any potential problems and that we like to stay in discussion with the customer about how to make the processes even more efficient. For example, Bechtel speaks highly about the USB sticks on which we supply all material certificates properly filed. This facilitates an easy, fast, accurate and sustainable material management method for them.’