Stocks & Operations

Johnny Keppens, Manager Operations Van Leeuwen Belgium:

‘We have been using the Handling Unit Management (HUM) barcode scanning system for incoming as well as outgoing goods in the Vilvoorde warehouse since the end of 2015. This functionality has resulted in tremendous time savings and flexible picking freedom. In our warehouse, approximately 45 per cent of the materials comes from external sources. On arrival, the items are immediately bar coded making full tracking & tracing possible throughout the entire process. With a single scan, all untreated materials can be freely exchanged among the Van Leeuwen sites that use barcode scanning. For the customer this innovation means shorter lead times, more accurate processing and better service. Furthermore, certificate management at the HU level produces more specific information. We are also praised for our packaging expertise, for example of highly rust-sensitive materials that have to be shipped. For example, together with a partner we had the rust-sensitive materials for a chemical plant in the Middle East fully vacuum packed. By means of this unique packaging method the products were protected against all environmental factors during the shipment by sea.’

Eugene Nah, Operations Manager Van Leeuwen Singapore:

‘From Van Leeuwen Singapore’s warehouse we supply to ExxonMobil plants all over the world and to various customers on the domestic market. I make sure that all orders in our system are quickly and accurately picked in the warehouse and delivered to the customer’s shop floor on time, by ship or by one of our own drivers. The customer has a single point of contact from order to delivery. We like to share
our specialized knowledge. When a domestic customer has questions about the deliveries or the quality of the materials, we do not hesitate to visit him to explain in person. Because the customer’s work must never be interrupted. Our Quality Assurance (QA) department has an excellent service track record. All the materials we order from other countries are carefully inspected for their mechanical and chemical properties and only leave our warehouse once they meet all quality requirements. The QA activities are an important link in our aim to achieve the shortest possible time from order to delivery and optimal support.’