Quality, Safety & Sustainability

In our market increasingly higher standards in the area of quality, safety and sustainability are required. Also at Van Leeuwen these three pillars are a high priority. We are continuously working on improvement, so that we can comply with the stringent demands of our customers. We made progress in this area in 2015 as well.

Van Leeuwen is the first company to be certified in continental Europe for the new ISO 9001:2015 standard by Lloyd’s Register (LRQA). The amendments of this standard concern aspects such as stakeholder management, risk management, documentation and leadership. Processes in the organization must be subject to continuous improvement and companies must more explicitly communicate with their stakeholders, including customers, partners and suppliers. As a leading and innovative distributor and specialist in steel pipe and tube applications, we are committed to leading the way in compliance with this new standard in quality management.

We were awarded this certificate due to the intensive cooperation with Lloyd’s and consistent focus on quality improvements. In addition to the transition to the new standard, the group certificate has been extended to include the new branch in Paris.

Safety is a top priority at all Van Leeuwen branches. In this regard, Toolbox Meetings (regular meetings on the shop floor) and periodic Safety Surveillance Rounds (inspection rounds designed to track down and resolve unsafe situations) played an important role.

A lot of hard work went into the further rollout of our OHSAS 18001 Group safety certificate. At the beginning of 2015, the Van Leeuwen branches in Meyzieu (France) and Teuling Staal in Zwijndrecht
(the Netherlands) were certified. For 2016, the target is more stringent to ensure continuous improvement.

In 2016, OHSAS recertification for certified branches is planned, as well as an extension of the certificate in Singapore and the United Kingdom. We will also start preparations to implement the new ISO standard for safety (ISO 450001) at certified Van Leeuwen branches.

Van Leeuwen considers it an ongoing responsibility to combine growth and continuity with the well-being of employees and the sustainable development of the environment in which we work. For example, we use having certified quality, environmental and safety management systems as a criterion in the supplier selection process. The social commitment of our organization is also expressed in the
support for numerous regional and local initiatives, and activities in the areas of culture, sport, philanthropy and education.