Developments within the organization


Services and processes
To optimally serve our customers, we continuously work on improving and optimizing our processes and business operations. Our services are for the most part based on human work. Areas of focus include delivery reliability, stock management, procurement and sourcing, information technology and quality assurance.

In 2015, we continued to develop our global network of stock locations, and service and treatment centers. We offer a product portfolio that as much as possible matches market and customer
needs at locations that are close to our customers. We continuously focus on optimizing our stock management systems, customization services and logistics concepts for our customers. This helps us
approach our customers faster and with a broader and better product portfolio.

The new shot blasting and preservation line commissioned in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, in 2014 is very successful, as is the machine shop commissioned previously. Treatment facilities were expanded at other branches as well. The availability of treated items in the product portfolio means that customers have one less thing to worry about. We provide customers with the option of viewing certificates online. In addition, Van Leeuwen has also invested in tracking & tracing on the basis of bar coding, scanning and integrating systems.

We implemented various ERP-related process improvements, such as the implementation of barcode scanning in Zwijndrecht and Deventer, the Netherlands, and in Belgium. Scanning products automates the logistics process. This results in higher productivity, fewer picking errors and reduced paperwork, and enables full tracking & tracing. In relation to SAP Business One, we implemented local  (efficiency) improvements in various branches.

In terms of IT, the key theme for the coming year is the efficiency and rationalization of systems and processes. This includes the further exploitation of the possibilities inherent in our ERP systems, further process improvements, and harmonization and innovation in the area of data management and data use. This enables us to continue to serve our markets and customers well and to anticipate market trends.

Quality, safety and sustainability
Globally we devote a great deal of time and attention to the continuous improvement of our work processes, in which quality, safe and healthy working conditions, and sustainability are a priority.
We set high quality standards for ourselves that are translated into objectives each year. We regularly monitor progress through means of Key Performance Indicators and internal audits.

Suppliers are indispensable within the service delivery supply chain. As a trading company, we deem a long-term relationship in which the parties intensively cooperate as essential.

From the very beginning, Van Leeuwen has supplied a complete range of pipe products from various stock locations throughout the world. Over the course of the years we have been focusing more on specialisms on the one hand (special products and services for specific market segments and customers) and complex projects on the other.

Our 1,200 employees throughout the world form the core of our business. Their expertise is an important guarantee in ensuring the company's continuity