The Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group achieved a solid result in 2017. That gives us perspective: more room to look ahead. ‘Outlook’ means: prospects, the expectation of what is going to happen. But it also literally means: view, vision.

This Annual Book takes you along in our vision on present and future developments within and outside of our company. For example, what are the implications of digital developments for our markets, customers and services? How do we respond to the increasing demand for custom solutions? How do we even better leverage our many years of knowledge and experience and our international network for our customers?

Several Van Leeuwen colleagues answer these questions based on their area of expertise. They describe the present and future markets, customers, suppliers, logistics, added value services, digital applications, and the organization.

This Annual Book also offers an ‘outlook’ from outside our company. Four prominent experts, who each in their own way are involved with Van Leeuwen, give their views on developments in the technology industry, the global energy market, steel production and distribution, and innovations in IT.

As a leading distributor it is essential for Van Leeuwen to adjust to and anticipate developments. In this way we give direction to our future and remain relevant in our markets and for our customers.

Peter Rietberg
Chairman of the Management Board

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