Internal outlook

We take you along in our vision on present and future developments within and outside of our company. For example, what are the implications of digital developments for our markets, customers and services? How do we respond to the increasing demand for custom solutions? How do we even better leverage our many years of knowledge and experience and our international network for our customers?
Several Van Leeuwen colleagues answer these questions based on their area of expertise. They describe the present and future markets, customers, suppliers, logistics, added value services, digital applications, and the organization.

Outlook on Customers

The digitization of our service is in full swing: over the coming years, more and more customers are expected to communicate with Van Leeuwen via webshops, a customer portal and our social media platform.

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Outlook on Industry

The manufacturing industry is reviving. The growth in various industries such as the automotive industry is downright spectacular in some areas.

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Outlook on Energy

The energy market will change drastically in the coming years due to the energy transition. Coal-fired power plants will make way for natural gas-fired power plants.

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Outlook on Suppliers

The revival of the steel market and the global increase in economic growth are resulting in the increased demand for our products. Following a period of contraction, our suppliers are switching gears.

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Outlook on Operations

Optimal logistics and distribution form the backbone of our service. We have the in-house expertise required to ensure that materials arrive at the right place at the right time from our 25 warehouses throughout the world.

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Outlook on Added value

Customers increasingly want to be able to process products directly into their own production process. Consequently, the demand for material treatments, just-in-time deliveries, technical advice, inspections and material tests will increase significantly in the coming years.

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Outlook on IT systems

Van Leeuwen invested in an advanced, future-proof IT platform. Using a single way of working with standardized digital processes enables our organization to quickly respond to changes in demand.

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Outlook on Human Resources

The Van Leeuwen organization consists of various international branches. We are a single global company with a local presence, whereby the Van Leeuwen-teams immerse themselves in the local culture and ways of doing business.

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