Kindlimann, Switzerland

With the acquisition of Benteler Distribution, Kindlimann also became part of Van Leeuwen. This leading Swiss steel service provider supplies numerous custom-made tube solutions for customers in the construction, machine building, automotive and chemical industries. The company offers many different types of tube processing, such as cutting, heat and surface treatments, galvanization, laser cutting and coatings. The new Kindlimann company building will be constructed in the municipality of Tobel-Tägerschen in 2020, on an area of 44,000 m2. Naturally, the company itself will supply the tubes required for this building. In total over 200 tons of cold-rolled hollow profiles and round tubes of fixed lengths and miters, partially laser-treated.

Pirmin Helbling, Managing Director of Kindlimann:

‘The integration of Van Leeuwen and Benteler Distribution and the resulting increase in scale are creating new business opportunities throughout the world. Van Leeuwen is number one in the projects business, while Benteler Distribution is strong in tube processing. By sharing and exploiting one another’s knowledge, combining purchasing knowledge and volume, and better geographic coverage, we are able to serve customers even better.’

Roger Gähler, Managing Director of Kindlimann:

‘In 2019, Kindlimann was involved in various projects, including the construction of THE CIRCLE. With a surface area of 180,000 m² it is the largest project in Switzerland. For the construction of this Center, located at Zürich Airport, with various facilities such as office space, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants and banks, Kindlimann supplied tubes and tube components for the energy supply and heat and cold energy systems throughout the entire Center. The service package consisted of a total of 40 km of tubes and 15,000 tube components. Zürich Airport and Swiss Life collectively invested CHF 1 billion (nearly 950 million euro) in the construction of the Center, which is scheduled to be opened in September 2020.’

Thomas Kiessner, Head of Automotive Kindlimann:

‘Over the past ten years, our company has evolved into a niche supplier in the automotive industry. We do not keep any standard stocks for this sector, but, together with the customer, look for the best custom-made solution for each project. Kindlimann not only supplies the product, it also offers development and support from the planning and prototyping phase up to the serial production phase. We work intensively together with our customer in this sector for this purpose. This cooperation has resulted in the development of various innovative products. Including laser welded, assembled components for steering units (for Volkswagen) and for safety systems for pedestrians (for Volvo).

Kindlimann offers a 100 percent delivery guarantee, stable, safe and customer-oriented processes (IATF 16949: certification), a zero-error strategy and the highest quality standards relating to purchasing, sales, work planning, production and logistics.’

New facility Kindlimann

An entirely new office and warehouse facility is being constructed for our new company Kindlimann in Switzerland, on an area of 44,000 m2

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