The Netherlands, Van Leeuwen Beesd

Van Leeuwen Stainless in Beesd, the Netherlands, fully focuses on stainless steel. The company managed to maintain an excellent customer retention rate in 2019. In addition, there was significant growth in medium-sized projects. The sister companies in Europe, with which Van Leeuwen Stainless closely works together, also provided for a significant increase in volume.

Frits Veraa, Commercial Director Van Leeuwen Stainless:

‘We are able to provide stainless steel solutions in any country and in any market, because we have access to a strong and global sourcing and sales network. Our activities vary from processing daily orders to executing MRO contracts and projects. We are able to very quickly respond to urgent requests and changing customer demands. Van Leeuwen Stainless is the expertise center for Europe and we function as a hub for our European sister companies.’

In 2019, Van Leeuwen Stainless managed to even better align its stock program with various markets. As a result, the company frequently was able to make fast and complete deliveries from stock. In 2019, Van Leeuwen Stainless supplied pipes and pipe components to various companies in the petrochemical industry, among others. Frits: ‘In these projects we are in close consultation with the customer starting with the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase up to implementation. We jointly review the technical specifications and issues, and contribute ideas to the customer about the best possible solutions.’

‘Today’s customer requests primarily are service and solution oriented,’ the Commercial Director emphasizes. ‘This is why our biggest business opportunities for the coming years will be related to providing customers with full-service solutions, particularly in the technical domain. Due to the cooperation between Van Leeuwen and Benteler Distribution, our sales network for stainless steel materials has significantly expanded. Particularly in countries where we did not have a local presence before, we now have companies with knowledge, skills and experience. Combined with our stocks and technical support, this creates many new opportunities in new markets and countries. This literally gives substance to our slogan ‘more than tubes’.’

Evides drinking water project

In 2019, the Evides water company expanded the storage capacity for drinking water production in the southern Netherlands.

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