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Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht

Despite the delay of projects in various building sectors due to PFASs and the nitrogen crisis, 2019 was a good year for Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht. In 2019, the company fully focused its efforts on a number of strategic spearheads, such as digitalization, operational excellence and cooperation. The number of customers with whom Van Leeuwen has an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection has increased. Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht continued to invest in new logistics solutions, including a welding robot, cranes and workplace modernization, and expanded the product range with additional types of heavy wall steel pipes.

Steven Ruijters, Managing Director Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht:

‘With the acquisition of Benteler Distribution, we have acquired a large number of new colleagues and customers. We make use of the knowledge and expertise accrued by Benteler Distribution to provide added value, for example relating to the production of semi-finished products. Conversely, Benteler Distribution can make use of Van Leeuwen's global purchasing network. The stocks of Van Leeuwen and Benteler complement each other well, because both companies had a slightly different focus on market segments. Together we have a very wide and deep stock range with which we serve even more customers and markets.’

Susanne Rönick, Manager Distribution Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht:

‘By sharing our knowledge and best practices with each other, we can further increase our scale. In 2019, there were several Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht projects that lend themselves very well for this type of exchange. Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht supplied 220 tons of special strength steel for a global, leading crane manufacturer. A decisive factor in this order was our long-term, strong relationship with the supplier. We met with the customer as well as the supplier at an early stage. A sound technical total solution proved to be a priority for the customer. We were jointly able to meet these customer demands.’

One stop shopping

In 2019, a refinery in the Netherlands called on Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht to upgrade its installations. ‘We were able to respond to the specific supply chain concept of the customer,’ says Susanne Rönick. ‘We supplied a wide range of products on demand: carbon, stainless and duplex for pipes, fittings and flanges. And we were also able to provide additional operations and services, including inspections, color markings and certificate check. The combination of these factors was decisive for the booking of this project.’

Knowledge and relations make a difference

Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht’s high level of knowledge about products, as well as supply chain management, was the decisive factor in acquiring a project for a Northern European airport. The customer needed pipelines for transporting kerosene (Jet Fuel). This requires a special exterior coating so that the pipes can be safely put underground. Susanne Rönick: ‘Due to our access and close cooperation with the right partners in the supply chain, we were able to offer these products to the full satisfaction of the customer. In addition, we had a proven track record. We had previously supplied materials for Jet Fuel projects for airports in various countries, including Portugal and Greece. Within Van Leeuwen we share our expertise, references and best practices internally, so that that all our customers worldwide benefit from our comprehensive and high quality service.’

Evides drinking water project

In 2019, the Evides water company expanded the storage capacity for drinking water production in the southern Netherlands.

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