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Van Leeuwen's Asia-Pacific network includes thirteen branches in Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. With stock locations in Singapore, Malaysia (Kulai), Thailand (Bangkok and Chonburi), Indonesia (Jakarta) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane), Van Leeuwen supplies a broad range of products to many customers in various energy segments. Van Leeuwen Southeast Asia has had a successful year. Especially the branches in Malaysia and Thailand achieved excellent results in 2019.

Ruud Langeveld, Regional Managing Director, Van Leeuwen Southeast Asia:

‘Our business especially revolves around excellent relationships and strong partnerships with customers and suppliers. This was clearly evident in the projects we acquired in 2019, such as the CRISP Project in Singapore for an ExxonMobil contractor. This supply chain management project of the highest order included the organization and storage, management and just-in-time delivery of approximately 10,000 tons of PFF materials sourced from more than 25 different suppliers. Through our large on-site warehouse, logistics expertise, extensive track record in Asia and our close cooperation with Van Leeuwen China, and the team of Leo van der Leer (Manager Projects ExxonMobil at Van Leeuwen), we managed to successfully complete this project.’

40th Anniversary

One of the milestones in 2019, was the celebration of Van Leeuwen Singapore's 40th anniversary. More than 140 guests from Europe, Asia and Australia, including a large number of customers and suppliers took the trouble of traveling to Singapore for the two-day anniversary celebration with partnership as its main theme. Ruud Langeveld: ‘For me this demonstrates that Van Leeuwen is not alone in attaching a great deal of importance to excellent relationships. It is also very much appreciated by our partners. Knowing each other, exactly knowing what you can expect from each other and trust continue to be the basis for strong partnerships. I can look back with a great feeling and pride on this anniversary celebration.’


A great project was an order for the Wheatstone LNG project in Northwest Australia. Various international Van Leeuwen teams intensively worked together on this project back in 2013 and 2014. This time the Wheatstone contractor placed an order for approximately six kilometers of polypropylene coated pipes for the transport of corrosive substances. The challenge primarily was of a technical nature.

The Van Leeuwen Australia colleagues had an excellent relation with the customer and the logistical knowledge to be able to supply the tubes. Van Leeuwen Singapore provided the quality control and project management to the supplier. This way, through excellent cooperation, Van Leeuwen was able to offer the best of our in-house capabilities and competencies.’

Fenti Kertasari, Managing Director Van Leeuwen Distribution Indonesia:

‘I am convinced that Van Leeuwen Distribution Indonesia can make a valuable contribution to the trade and services of Van Leeuwen in Southeast Asia. We have a strong local network, extensive specialist knowledge and a highly committed and driven team. The branch in Jakarta, formerly part of Benteler Distribution, focuses on the distribution of tubes to customers, such as the palm oil industry, sugar mills, power plants and refineries.

We achieved some great results in 2019. We succeeded in converting the 2017 and 2018 strict import restrictions into business opportunities. Our thorough knowledge of import legislation and the expert support of Benteler Distribution Singapore’s colleagues, were instrumental in this respect. Our sales results consequently significantly improved in comparison to the previous two years. We use teamwork to do everything possible to be of the best possible service to customers. Where necessary, we make – worldwide – use of one another’s expertise. Colleagues all work the same way at Van Leeuwen. With confidence and pleasure I am therefore looking forward to our continued cooperation in the future.’

‘Together we have a very wide and deep stock range with which we serve even more customers and markets.’

Van Leeuwen 40 years in Asia

In 2019 Van Leeuwen Singapore celebrated its 40th anniversary. From a two-man office in 1979, Van Leeuwen Singapore has grown into Van Leeuwen’s largest stock-keeping distribution center in the Asia Pacific region.

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