Van Leeuwen Germany

The beating heart of the logistics chain of Benteler Distribution Deutschland, since mid-April 2020 known as Van Leeuwen Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, is the large highest automated shelf system in its central warehouse in Duisburg. The biggest benefit of having Benteler form part of the Van Leeuwen group is that customers now have access to a much larger product portfolio. For example, any products that are not available in Duisburg can quickly be supplied by other companies within the Group. The Van Leeuwen network has become more refined.

Thorsten Müller, Managing Director Van Leeuwen Germany:

‘We invested heavily in our logistics capabilities in recent years. We acquired new machines and increased order picking speeds, as well as the quality of our treatments. Our business processes are standardized and reliable. Starting from the order entry, via order processing in SAP, production and dispatch in the warehouse, up to and including linking processes within Van Leeuwen Deutschland. We invested in process standardization for production planning and order management, and in continuous training of our staff. Experienced and flexible employees are the basis for excellent delivery performance and efficiency. The investments in standardizing processes have resulted in a significant efficiency improvement. We see a 100 percent error-free production and delivery process as our vision, and by learning every day we continue to approach this goal.’

Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director Van Leeuwen Germany:

‘We look after the entire supply chain. We acquire the pipes from Italy and they are treated in the Czech Republic under our auspices: cutting, bending, coating and packaging. Next, we look after the transport to the customer in Germany. We therefore assume responsibility for the entire chain and ensure that the customer receives the load just-in-time. This way we more than realize the slogan ‘more than tubes’. Our most important capital is our loyal employees. They know their customers and that makes it possible for us to constantly contribute ideas to the customer. Our special relationship with Netzsch Pumpen & Systeme GmbH, a supplier of all sorts of pumps to the various industries, illustrates this. One of their customers was using a seamless heavy wall pipe for the transport of yogurt in their plants. However, this type of pipe is expensive, and furthermore, is never fully round. We proposed to supply a round pipe with a welding seam that is cheaper and furthermore meets all quality specifications. After we had this type of pipe extensively tested, it has been in serial production since last year.’

Van Leeuwen Press Fitting System (PreFis)

Kevin Haase, Sales Director Van Leeuwen Germany:

‘PreFis is a metallic sealing tube connection system suitable for high pressure applications. Today we are concentrating on high pressure water mist (HPWM) fire-fighting systems. But PreFis can also be used in other markets, such as oil and gas, chemistry or the food industry. In 90 percent of incidents, fires are still controlled applying low pressure systems. Only 10 percent involves the use of high pressure. Fighting a fire with this technology is more effective and requires much less water. This means there is no need to install huge tanks to store the fire-fighting water. This saves on space, which is scarce on ships, or in city centers. We sell this as a package consisting of tubes, fittings, press tools and pumps, produced by a subcontractor in Germany with which we have a long-term partnership. At the present time, PreFis is primarily installed in building and tunnel construction as well as in the shipyard industry. PreFis, is the future tube connecting system of fire fighting.’

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