Van Leeuwen U.K.

Van Leeuwen Limited and Benteler Distribution Limited collectively make up Van Leeuwen United Kingdom since the end of April 2020. Van Leeuwen United Kingdom currently has nine branches spread across Great Britain and Ireland, as a result of which we are even closer to the customer. Furthermore this has made Van Leeuwen United Kingdom a market leader in hydraulic pipelines, chrome-plated bars, hydraulic cylinder tubes and mechanical tubes, with a leading market position in pipes, fittings and flanges for the petrochemical industry.

Bob Heath, Managing Director Van Leeuwen United Kingdom:

‘I have worked in the industry market for a long time and Van Leeuwen always was one of our biggest competitors. All of a sudden we now are working side by side. While this feels strange, it also is a very good feeling. Everyone within the company is very positive about the two companies joining forces. There is a great deal of mutual respect and everyone sees the benefits. I believe that the employees of ‘the old’ Van Leeuwen are a bit more entrepreneurial and are already used to having more freedom for making their own decisions. This is refreshing and inspiring. Together we have more insight into the markets we serve and we have more financial clout to invest in new segments. For example, we want to undertake more projects in the energy market, such as supplying materials for piping systems to the petrochemical industry.’

Kris Bowling, Managing Director Van Leeuwen United Kingdom:

‘Although Van Leeuwen Limited and Benteler Distribution Limited operated in the same industrial markets, we did not have many customers in common due to our specific product ranges. We consider it important for customers to have a single point of contact. To each of these customers, who had account managers from the separate entities due to the merger, we submitted a proposal indicating who we thought should continue to be their main point of contact moving forward. Our customers responded very positively to this initiative and welcomed the opportunity of accessing our combined product portfolio. Together we are more versatile. We are better able to respond to changing markets and customer needs. Together we are stronger.’



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