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Investing in sustainability means daring to innovate

Investing in sustainability means daring to innovate

Theo Makkenze,
Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube, Zwijndrecht

Since 1924 Van Leeuwen has been a household name in installation engineering. Those in need of fittings and flanges for greenhouse heating instinctively know how to find us. That doesn’t mean we sit around and let our name do the work, however. In fact, we actively expand our product range to adapt to the growing interest for sustainability in installation engineering. As a result, we increasingly supply products to projects which involve heat pumps. The use of heat pumps instead of gas-fuelled boilers contributes to a more sustainable use of energy.

Dare to innovate

Investing in sustainability means daring to innovate. And innovation is held in high regard at Van Leeuwen. Moreover, our drive to innovate has been the key to our success over the past (nearly) century.  It’s quite a challenge, though, as installation engineering is characterized by constant change. However, since many colleagues have been working here for long periods of time, they  are experts. This, I think, makes Van Leeuwen a strong organization, which supplies us with the trust we need to take bold steps and face risks. Sometimes you just have to do it. In doing so, we have been able to improve our existing products and add new exciting products to our range.

Energy neutral design

An example of these new products are our grooved pipe materials for the HVAC market. They are used for climate control systems in houses and other buildings. LEBU, our own brand central heating tube, has been around for some time, but we have been adapting its quality and dimensions to the demands in the market continuously. For instance, by adding short sizes of 3 meters to our stocks.

Furthermore, we supply our products to more and more sustainable installation projects which include the use of heat pumps. A heat pump uses geothermal warmth for central heating and warm tap water, which is much more sustainable than traditional gas-heated boilers. It’s an excellent way of making houses and buildings energy neutral. 

Highest sustainability label

We cooperate with our clients in installation engineering when we work on projects that include heat pumps. Some examples are the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, the Floriade in Venlo and the Charity Lottery office in Amsterdam. To give you an idea of the projects: the Charity Lottery will be housed in a formerly abandoned and derelict building, which is transformed to an environmentally friendly office. The aim is to obtain the BREEAM Outstanding label, the highest sustainability label there is.

In other words, the fact that we have been around for almost 100 years, does not mean we have become a sleeping giant. On the contrary, installation engineers often get in touch with us to get advice for their project requirements. Our extensive knowledge on tube products and quality materials, fast delivery and large network of suppliers (approved by us) means we are ready for another century of Van Leeuwen Buizen!



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