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Dear business partner,

The coronavirus is still spreading all over the world at an alarming speed. Many governments in the world are taking drastic measures again to avoid the situation from getting worse. Even in these uncertain and challenging times, it is our highest priority to fulfil our role in the supply chain and to be ready to deliver our pipe and tube material to our customers as required.

We therefore would like to inform you about the measures we have taken at Van Leeuwen to keep our employees and offices safe and about our efforts to ensure the readiness of our supply chain in the near future.

Safety of employees and offices

We immediately implement the directives of governments and designated health organizations. In general, the following measures have been taken at Van Leeuwen:

  • Employees have been instructed as follows:
    • Any employee who becomes aware of having been exposed to the coronavirus outside of work will self-quarantine and notify their manager and Human Resources.
    • Any employee with respiratory symptoms, cough, fever, shortness of breath or breathing problems will call in sick. A strict monitoring protocol has been put into place.
    • Employees are asked to work from home as much as possible.
    • Employees who need to be in the office or warehouse are asked to refrain from hand shaking and to keep a secure distance of 1.5 to 2 meter. They will wash and disinfect their hands regularly. All necessary hygienic measures are taken.
  • International travel by Van Leeuwen employees is postponed.
  • Visits from customers, suppliers or other stakeholders to our sites are avoided and postponed as much as possible. Visits that are necessary to fulfill our role in the supply chain will continue to take place, with a registration protocol.
  • Meetings, both internal and external, are postponed or organized digitally.

More stringent contingency measures are applied for companies of the Van Leeuwen group in countries that are in lockdown. Measures as required can change according to the actual situation in the countries where Van Leeuwen is present, to be determined on a day to day basis.

Securing continuity in the supply chain

The procurement, stocking and distribution of pipe and tube material is our core business. Even in this challenging time, we do all we can to fulfil our role in the supply chain. Our worldwide stocks are on targeted volumes so we can maintain high service levels. Moreover, we can rely on our global procurement network to maximize our delivery capacity and keep the supply chain flowing wherever possible.

For specific questions, please contact the Van Leeuwen office in your country or region.

Please be assured that as one of the largest, stock-keeping pipe and tube distributors, we will do whatever we can to continue to support your business.

We wish all our business partners to stay safe and healthy in this difficult time.

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group

15 December 2020



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