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Highlight: Bar steel

Highlight: Bar steel

Through our acquisition of Belgium's leading bar steel supplier Jean Wauters, we can supply a wide range of hot formed and bright bar steel in round, square, hexagonal or flat sizes. Daily transports between Brussels and Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, ensure reliable deliveries. Our programme includes:

  • Hot formed C15, C35, C45, S355
  • High alloy 42CrMoS4,16MnCr5, 20NiCrMoS4, 34CrNiMo6
  • Cold drawn S235+C, S355+C, C35h9, C45h9/h11, 42CrMo4S/h9
  • Tool Steel 11SMnPb 30+C/SH, 11SMn30+C/SH, Hitenspeed 45A & 65
  • Tool Steel: stubs, X210CrVMo12, X153CrVMo12

For our complete delivery program of bar steel, go to the Products page.



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