HR digitalization

Van Leeuwen started implementing Workday – a state-of-the-art HR digitalization system – in 2020. Workday is an important part of the People Strategy. The system digitally brings together all HR activities and data in smart ways. In 2022, the last branches in North America and Australia, among others, were connected to Workday. As a result, all Van Leeuwen teams for the first time can now also work together digitally. This global digital connection provides us with numerous new possibilities to exchange data, knowledge and experience even faster, and to continue to learn. For example, a Workday Learning module with a selection of no less than 150 e-learning courses covering a wide range of topics is now available as well. Employees can choose from online training courses in the areas of leadership and management skills, digital skills, safety, communications, and much more. There is a great deal of interest. Many colleagues are also taking the initiative of taking a training course together, in small groups. This way, we also learn from each other.