Mark Reinhart

Location Van Leeuwen Canada
Position Inside Sales Manager
At Van Leeuwen since 2013
Age 33

Mark Reinhart was appointed Inside Sales Manager at Van Leeuwen Canada at the end of 2021. ‘Serving customers with our elaborate product portfolio and developing durable relationships with them is something I do with pleasure every day,’ he says. ‘I now lead a team of eight professionals, but I also regularly pick up the phone myself to maintain good contact with our key accounts.’

Mark Reinhart completed his Business Management studies at the University of Alberta in 2012. A year later he joined Van Leeuwen Canada as Inside Sales Representative. ‘It was a good choice, because over the years I was able to develop myself through work experience and training at Van Leeuwen,’ says Mark. ‘For example, I completed various technical training courses to become familiar with all product groups. This now enables me to effectively advise customers.’ In addition, he completed several courses to finetune his digital skills and to work more efficiently, ranging from a simple Excel course to intensive sales training courses.

A strategy for every customer

Mark’s elaborate technical knowledge, enthusiasm and zest for work attracted management’s attention. In the fall of 2021 he was appointed Inside Sales Manager. ‘I now lead an Inside Sales Team of eight employees and ensure we have a strategy for every customer. But I also regularly pick up the phone myself to maintain good contact with our key accounts. I am very hands-on in this role. Whether it’s about pricing, deliveries or specific requests, I always aim to offer our customers the best options.’

Mark gives an example of a recent project he is proud of. ‘One of our customers had an urgent need for replacing a pipeline below a railway emplacement in Winnipeg. It was of crucial importance for us to supply the right material on schedule since railway traffic had to be halted to carry out the replacement. We managed to deliver on time, while also testing the pipe and the coating.’

Pipeline for Toronto’s downtown

‘For a similar project we recently also delivered a new pipeline for Toronto's downtown that runs below the light rail transport line in the inner city,’ says Mark. ‘The materials were not available on the Canadian market on short notice, but we succeeded in finding them in the United States within the required timeframe. At the customer’s request, we carried out multiple material tests and supplied the pipes to the coating company. After this we shipped the coated and tested pipes from Alberta to Toronto on time. This in turn enabled the customer to complete its contract on schedule.’

‘The market is currently highly volatile and we are confronted with a scarcity of materials,’ says Mark, ‘but fortunately, the Van Leeuwen teams are strong in procurement and in keeping stocks up to par.’

Mark is happy with all of the opportunities he has at Van Leeuwen. ‘People really are considered to be key to the company here,’ he says. ‘Top management is also very approachable. Employees are heard and involved in important decisions.’