Michael Moczorodynski

Location Kindlimann AG, Switzerland
Position Heas of Sales and Purchasing
At Van Leeuwen since 2013
Age 37

The Automotive segment distinguishes itself from other markets through its long-term and intensive customer relationships. ‘The cooperation with our customers often begins years before a new vehicle model shows up on the market,’ says Michael Moczorodynski, Head of Sales and Purchasing at Kindlimann AG in Switzerland, a Van Leeuwen company.

Every single one of Kindlimann’s Automotive customers has its own very specific set of product requirements. To be able to serve them as effectively as possible, we decided to keep our sales and purchasing functions combined. ‘We work intensively with our customers on joint projects over the long term,’ Michael explains. ‘To be able to effectively combine supply and demand it is essential for employees to be precisely aware of the customer’s needs and at the same time to have proper insight into the capabilities of our different suppliers and what they can manufacture at our request. This is why employees here are involved in sales as well as purchasing.’

Advanced production department

Michael is responsible for coordinating projects with customers in the Automotive segment. ‘Initial communications are generally established at least three to four years before a new vehicle rolls off the assembly line,’ he says. ‘Customers first forward the specifications for the parts, so that we can assess the feasibility and offer them a price. Before a vehicle goes into production, the manufacturer usually goes through multiple trial runs, using a number of prototypes and pre-series parts to validate the design and ensure that the parts fulfil the dedicated function.’ Kindlimann’s highly advanced production department in the Swiss village of Tägerschen has more than 60 processing machines to supply customers with custom-made solutions. The machines range from high efficiency cutting centers to dedicated automated stamping and forming processing lines to laser welding cells. There is also space for further growth and further automation of existing processes, for instance by using robots. Michael: ‘My technical background and engineering education help in what we do, which is selling the optimal technical solution to our customers.’

Challenging year

Kindlimann has gone through a challenging year. Companies in the Automotive segment recovered faster from the impact of the corona pandemic than expected, which resulted in record volumes at the beginning of the year. ‘This has forced us to quickly change gears with all of our suppliers to be able to deliver the required parts on time. In the end, we managed to meet all of our customers’ demands. In addition, Kindlimann is in advanced discussions with two large new customers,’ says Michael. He maintains close contact with Van Leeuwen’s head office in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. ‘We are given a lot of freedom to follow our own path. In my position I have contact with all levels within the organization, with customers, suppliers and managing directors, as well as with colleague managers and colleagues responsible for operations. That makes the work especially attractive.’

‘You are also given every opportunity to develop yourself. For example, in 2021 I was asked to lead the global Market Innovation Circle for the Automotive segment. A team of commercial market experts from different Van Leeuwen European branches works together in this Market Innovation Circle. We combine our knowledge and experience, and use our international footprint to provide customers with optimal solutions, as Automotive customers are all global players not confined to a local market.’