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Type Specification Quality
Flange to drawing 316L
Hollow section according to drawin 1.4509
Koperen ontluchter model I
Honeywell regelafsl. V5015A1151-2 100
Centra pakkingset DR/ZR 019001040 50-65
Viktorketting nr. 22 30 meter bos
Viktorketting nr. 27 30 meter bos
Weldolet 316(L)
Weldolet 304(L)
Eccentric reducer seamless ASME B16.9 304(L)
Blind flange 150 lbs ASME B16.5 316(L)
Lapjoint Flange 300 lbs 304L
Lapjoint Flange 300 lbs 316L
Welding neck flange 600 lbs ASME B16.5 304(L)
Welding neck flange 2500 lbs ASME B16.5 321(H)
Welding neck flange 1500 lbs ASME B16.5 316(L)
Weldolet 3000 lbs 304(L)
Weldolet 3000 lbs 316L
Elbow 6000 lbs 90 degrees ASME B16.11 316(L)
Union 3000 lbs F/F 304(L)
Hose coupling 316
Square head plug 3000 lbs 304(L)
Square head plug 3000 lbs 316(L)
Threaded flange 150 lbs ASME B16.5 316(L)
Elbow LR 45 seamless ASME B16.9 304(L)
Lapjoint Flange 150 lbs 316(L)
Blind flange 300 lbs ASME B16.5 LF2
Elbow LR 90 seamless ASME B16.9 A234 WPB
Slip-on flange 150 lbs LF2
Lapjoint Flange 300 lbs A105
Flange to drawing 1.4404
Flange to drawing 1.4571
Centra adapter VMM 030000526
Turbulator 1.4509
Centra-servomotor vmm 20 220 v
Cylinder tube H9 EN 10305-2 E355
Bar steel
Flange A105
Cylinder tube H8 EN 10305-2 E355
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Van Leeuwen (Zwijndrecht, NL)

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3336 LE Zwijndrecht
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