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We offer elbows, flanges and fittings like caps, tees, reducers and tailor made components to complete our piping proposition.

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Outside diameter 1 Outside diameter 3 Wall thickness 1 Type Specification Quality
Flange to drawing 316L
Weldolet 316(L)
Weldolet 304(L)
Eccentric reducer seamless ASME B16.9 304(L)
Blind flange 150 lbs ASME B16.5 316(L)
Lapjoint Flange 300 lbs 304L
Lapjoint Flange 300 lbs 316L
Welding neck flange 600 lbs ASME B16.5 304(L)
Welding neck flange 2500 lbs ASME B16.5 321(H)
Welding neck flange 1500 lbs ASME B16.5 316(L)
Weldolet 3000 lbs 304(L)
Weldolet 3000 lbs 316L
Elbow 6000 lbs 90 degrees ASME B16.11 316(L)
Union 3000 lbs F/F 304(L)
Hose coupling 316
Square head plug 3000 lbs 304(L)
Square head plug 3000 lbs 316(L)
Threaded flange 150 lbs ASME B16.5 316(L)
Elbow LR 45 seamless ASME B16.9 304(L)
Lapjoint Flange 150 lbs 316(L)
Blind flange 300 lbs ASME B16.5 LF2
Elbow LR 90 seamless ASME B16.9 A234 WPB
Slip-on flange 150 lbs LF2
Lapjoint Flange 300 lbs A105
Flange to drawing 1.4404
Flange to drawing 1.4571
Flange 316L
Flange A105
Nikrom 500 f7 20MNV6/280X
Welding neck Flange 10000 lbs
Cap ASME B16.9
Cap ASME B16.9
550,000 Flange AS 2129 C250
Studbolt/nut ASTM A193/A194
Stub end F316L
Stub end F55
14,020 Welding neck Flange 10000 lbs
20,000 Welding neck flange 150 lbs ASTM A105 A105
4,000 Elbow R=1,5 90 degrees welded 1.4307
4,000 Boordring 316(L)
9,530 Elbow LR 90 welded A234- A234 WPB
9,530 Elbow LR 90 seamless A234- A234 WPB
1,000 Studbolt/nut
10,000 L Bite ring str coupling 1.4571
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