Van Leeuwen


It started in 1924

When Piet Van Leeuwen started trading in steel pipes and iron in 1924 in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, he would not have expected that his company had grown into the globally operating trading company Van Leeuwen is today. Thanks to his entrepreneurial pioneership, he expanded his company into a highly successful organization.

The first foreign branch was founded in 1947 in Vilvoorde, Belgium, after which the European network
expanded. In the 1970s and 1980s, global expansion followed with branches in North America, Asia and Australia. In the present century, organic growth and strategic acquisitions have led to new branches and expansions in the Middle East, China, Central Europe and South America. This network allows Van Leeuwen to provide customers around the world with the right pipes, tubes and components at exactly the right moment.

Van Leeuwen today

The initial wholesale function has developed into a more service-oriented business, directed at specific markets and business segments and focusing on major projects with partnerships and customized service. Van Leeuwen’s strategy is aimed at the expansion and reinforcement of leading market positions. We achieve this through organic growth and acquisitions, as well as through continually strengthening, deepening, and broadening our product portfolio, service concepts, and international organization. We are driven by what markets and customers require from us, now and in the future.



First foreign branch - in Belgium
Expansion of European network
Start of activities in North America
Branch in Singapore and launch of network in South-East Asia region
Opening of first branch in Australia
Organic growth and strategic acquisitions
Concentration: focus on leading position in Europe and Asia
New branches in Asia (China)
Expansion in Middle East, Central Europe and North America
Acquisitions Teuling Staal, Jean Wauters and IPM






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  • Fluid Power
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Steel Constructions
  • Process
  • Power
  • Offshore / Oil and Gas
  • Fluid Power

    We supply materials such as cylinder tubes and chrome-plated bars and tubes for hydraulic applications.

  • Equipment Manufacturing

    Manufacturers of cranes, machines, means of transport and technical equipment use our wide range of products and services.

  • Steel Constructions

    Our pipe and tube material is used for many steel constructions such as buildings, bridges, sports stadiums and stations.

  • Process

    Pipes, valves, fittings and flanges play a vital role in serving chemical, oil, gas and power companies all over the world.

  • Power

    We are a reliable partner for highly demanding, complex projects in the power generation industry.

  • Offshore / Oil and Gas

    We provide customers, from Brazil to Dubai to Singapore, with technical advice and high quality materials.