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Pipelines are used for the transportation of liquids and gasses over long distances. Pipeline projects are often long term and complex. In order to carry them out successfully, we have a global network of professionals with expert knowledge of material specifications and the required coatings. Moreover, we have experienced colleagues to design smart logistical concepts in order to limit the total cost in the supply chain as much as possible. 

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Pipeline applications

This business segment is characterized by large volumes of material, high quality demands and intensive inspections. Examples of pipeline applications are:

  • Pipelines for water supply (drinking or industry water)
  • Pipelines connecting petrochemical plants to tank storage farms
  • Pipelines for the infrastructure (e.g. to supply gas to households or companies)
  • Pipelines to transport oil or gas from the exploration site to the next processing step
  • Pipelines for hydrogen


To customers in this market segment we offer a wide variety of products, often in high yield material grades such as X52, X65, X70 or even higher:

  • Welded and seamless line pipe to API standards
  • Bends
  • Fittings and flanges

For every material that is required, we can find the right source using our global procurement network.


Services to our customers in the pipeline industry include:

  • Coatings such as external coating with PE or PP and internal epoxy or concrete lining
  • Global procurement network
  • Control of the supply chain
  • Inspections
  • Dedicated project storage areas
  • Financial engineering

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Jet fuel pipeline UK

The expertise of Van Leeuwen regarding procurement, logistics and project management was invaluable for this jet fuel pipeline project

Tank terminal in Rotterdam

For a new tank terminal Van Leeuwen supplied over 80 km of seamless and welded pipes.

Drinking water storage

Line pipes with a diameter of more than 2 m for a new drinking water storage facility



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