Van Leeuwen
Management and organization

Management and organization

Supervisory Board

R. Kretzers (Chairman)
J.C. Breen
R.R. Hendriks
R.J. Lamé
​C.C.Th. Rietberg

Board and Executive Committee

P.L. Rietberg (Chairman of the Board)
J.M. Sassen (Member of the Board and CEO)
S.E. Dijkers (Member of the Executive Committee and CFO)
M.A.L.W.J. van Engelen (Member of the Executive Committee)
J.F. Weerstra (Member of the Executive Committee)


K. van Eijnsbergen (Manager Finance & Administration)
A. van Gaans (Manager Human Resources)
E. van Haeren (General Counsel)
I.M. den Hartog (Manager Corporate Communications)
E. Veraart (Manager Corporate Supply Chain & QSE)




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