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PreFiS - Van Leeuwen Press Fitting System.

PreFiS - Van Leeuwen Press Fitting System.

PreFiS - Press Fitting System: metallically sealing fitting, pressed in seconds

PreFiS is a metallically sealing tube connection system for high pressure applications. The fittings can be installed easily with a press tool and a hydraulic pump, both supplied by Van Leeuwen. PreFiS is suitable for seamless and welded stainless and carbon steel tubes. Van Leeuwen offers you a diverse tube portfolio according to your needs as well as global sales and warehouse locations.

PreFiS Portfolio​

  • Fittings in stainless and carbon steel including customized solutions
  • Tools for installation process
  • Welded/seamless stainless and carbon steel tubes according to the individual application and customer demand

Customer Benefits

Strong solution that withstands high pressures and transports common chemicals

Smart and quick with fast preparation and cycle times; no special training required for installation

Supportive and reliable system with Van Leeuwen being the only system supplier of press fittings and tubes including a global network of office and warehouse locations

Application areas 

  • PreFiS owns multiple certifications that ensure a diverse application fit
  • High Pressure Water Mist Firefighting in cruise ships, tunnels or buildings with working pressure of up to 140 bar
  • Suitable for transportation of various liquids & gases, such as water, paint, glue, oil, gas or air



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PreFiS - How to install video
How to create tight bonds in just seconds? Learn to how to apply PreFiS:

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Our portfolio includes more than 900 articles in carbon and stainless steel including customized solutions