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Certificates portal

Certificates portal

Manually collecting and archiving of material certificates is a time-consuming task. A job that Van Leeuwen can take completely off your hands! We offer a personal environment in which your order history, from the time of account activation, including all material certificates, is available. We also grant you access to the DoP's (declaration of performance) of the mills where we buy our tubes. These DoP's are required when EN 1090 is applicable for steel constructions.

Your digital archive

The certificates portal gives you 24/7 access to all material certificates belonging to your purchases, from account activation on. This means you don't have to archive these certificates separately anymore.

Link to portal

As of January 10 2023, the portal has a new URL and has been upgraded at the same time. If you already had an account for the certificates portal, please go to the new portal and click "forgot password" to reset your account and generate a new password. After this, you will logon as usual.

If you don't have an account yet and and are interested to use this portal, please contact your local account manager.




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