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Certificates portal

Certificates portal

Manually collecting and archiving of material certificates is a time-consuming task. A job that Van Leeuwen can take completely off your hands! We offer a personal environment in which your order history, from the time of account activation, including all material certificates, is available. We also grant you access to the DoP's (declaration of performance) of the mills where we buy our tubes. These DoP's are required when EN 1090 is applicable for steel constructions.

We offer you the following subscriptions:

  • Certificates bundle: You purchase a bundle of credits, which allows you to open and download material certificates. When you run out of credits, you will be notified and offered to purchase a new bundle. The advantage of this subscription is that you always have grip on the costs.
  • Quarterly subscription: You can download material certificates unlimitedly. At the end of each quarter you receive an invoice for the downloaded certificates. The price per certificate will be agreed with you beforehand. 
  • DoP subscription: You have access to all the DoP's of the mills where we buy our tubes. This subscription is interesting for steel construction companies, since they must be able to guarantee full traceability of the used materials according to the EN1090 standard. If desired, this subscription can be combined with one of the two other subscriptions.  



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