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Clean Fuels Project

Clean Fuels Project

Sulfur emission standards are becoming increasingly strict throughout the world, and that includes Saudi Arabia. The objective of the Clean Fuels Project of SAMREF, the largest refinery in Saudi Arabia, is to considerably reduce the sulfur concentration in gasoline. In addition, the diesel production process will be modified in order to meet the new standards.

To make this possible, the existing refinery in Saudi Arabia is undergoing a drastic renovation and expansion. Following a tender Van Leeuwen was awarded the contract by WorleyParsons, the technical services provider and contractor in this project, for supplying all of the pipe material. The project team in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, coordinates the entire project and maintains contact with WorleyParsons in Monrovia, California. We have been working together on the expansion of the SAMREF refinery since 2011 and the project is expected to run into the third quarter of 2013. By that time almost 10,000 tons of material will have been delivered by us. This includes pipes, fittings, flanges, bolts, nuts and packings made of carbon, stainless as well as high-alloy steel.

During critical project phases, Van Leeuwen supplied materials not only from Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, but also from stocks held in branches in Beesd (the Netherlands), Singapore, Thailand, Dubai and from the joint venture in China. Because of our presence in the Middle East, we are able to respond fast and with flexibility to the customer’s demand. By switching from FCA (Free Carrier) to DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), Van Leeuwen has expanded its services to WorleyParsons even further.
This means that we now look after the complete delivery to the destination, including taxes and import duties, as well as all related formalities. Nowadays that also includes the material inspections for shipment. For when we do more, the customer has less to worry about.

Project details

Client/Project Owner
Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company Ltd
Saudi Arabia
Middle East
Project name
Clean Fuels Project
Carbon steel pipes,Stainless steel pipes
> $10.000.000



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