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Drinking water storage

Drinking water storage

The storage of drinking water is becoming more and more important, as we are experiencing longer periods of drought. Therefore, drinking water company Evides in the Netherlands has heavily invested in enlarging its water storage capacity in the area called Biesbosch.

In order to transport water from the river Bergse Maas to the new storage facility, a pipeline was needed. And not an average one: the pipes have a diameter of no less than 2.100 mm (84"). Moreover, the pipes needed to be coated with polypropylene, which we also took care of. In total, Van Leeuwen supplied 4.7 km of these large tubes.

The exceptional tubes had to be specially made, for which we used our extensive network of tube mills. Moreover, the pipes needed to be temporarily stored until they could be shipped to the project site in partial deliveries. A part of the large, own storage area in Zwijndrecht was cleared an prepared with sand bags so the coated pipes would not be damaged. Our storage area can be reached by ship, which was of great advantage.

For the execution of this complex project, our distinctive capabilities came to good use: profound product knowledge, expertise in the field of logistics and transport, a worldwide procurement network and project management skills.

Want to see more? Watch the video of this special project.

Project details

Client/Project Owner
Project name
Drinking water storage
Carbon steel pipes
€5.000.000 - €10.000.000



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