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Dunkerque LNG terminal

Dunkerque LNG terminal

After a three year feasibility study,  Dunkerque LNG (of which 65% is owned by EDF, 25% by the Fluxys Group and 10% by the Total Group) took the final investment decision for the construction of a re-gasification facility in Dunkerque, France in the first half of 2011. On September 1 2011 the work on site started; the facility went on line in 2015.

The Dunkeque LNG terminal will have an annual regasification capacity of 13 billion m3 of gas, representing around 20% of France and Belgium's annual natural gas consumption. This will make it the largest terminal in continental Europe.

The terminal will be comprised of the following facilities:

  • 1 reception station that can accommodate LNG tankers of a maximum capacity of 270,000 m3
  • 1 liquefied natural gas (LNG) unloading system
  • 3 LNG storage tanks of 190,000 m3 each; one tank measures around 50 m high and is 90 m in diameter
  • 1 regasification unit extracting LNG from the tanks and vaporising it by heat exchange in open-rack vaporisers that use sea water.
  • 1 sea water inlet intended for the heating of LNG: some of the warm water from the Gravelines power plant will be used to heat the LNG.
  • 1 network connection for supplying the natural gas to the French and Belgian networks once reverted to a gaseous state.













Storage at the terminal means that continuity of supply to the transmission and distribution network can be ensured, although the methane is delivered intermittently. As a liquefied natural gas regasification infrastructure, the Dunkirk LNG terminal will be able to accommodate the world's largest LNG tankers in France, at the western outer harbour.

Due to its stake in Dunkerque LNG, the EDF group acts as the lead manager of the entire construction site, work on which has been awarded to specialised companies in the form of EPC contracts:

  • Unloading and regasification facilities: TS LNG - a joint venture between Techint and Sener
  • Tanks: Entrepose Contracting and Bouygues
  • Tunnel: Bessac / Razel / Soletanche

Van Leeuwen France has been awarded supply contracts for carbon steel and stainless steel pipes and fittings by both TS LNG and Entrepose Contracting. A dedicated Project Team based in Le Havre, France, managed and coordinated the sourcing, quality assurance/control, manufacturing and coating, testing and inspection of an extensive scope of items finally delivered to the job-site in Dunkerque and to pre-fabrication yards in France and Italy. Utilizing the strategic Van Leeuwen stocks in Western Europe and a number of specialized manufacturers from around the globe, on time delivery of high quality products at the right location was assured.

Project details

Client/Project Owner
EDF Group
TS LNG / Entrepose Contracting
Project name
Dunkerque LNG terminal
Carbon steel pipes,Stainless steel pipes
$5.000.000 - $10.000.000



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