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Jet fuel pipeline UK

Jet fuel pipeline UK

The project concerned the replacement of a pipeline delivering jet fuel from Southampton to the airports of London, notably Heathrow. For the Van Leeuwen company in the UK, this was the largest single project for our global customer Exxon Mobil, locally Esso UK.

During 2020, the dedicated project team made sure 10,000 tonnes of specialised hot rolled seamless piping, with a 3 layer polyethylene coating, were delivered. The suppliers in Germany worked closely with the Van Leeuwen team to deliver the clients exacting specification, with a commitment to logistics sustainability, via trains and chartered vessels for delivery to the UK.

The almost 100 kilometres of pipe manufactured by Vallourec Germany, and 842 bespoke coated bends, were successfully discharged in the UK in the port of Marchwood, in the vicinity of Southampton.

To ensure a smooth execution, we used our proven Dedicated Project Storage Area (DPSA) concept. Working along Esso’s nominated EPC, Worley, Van Leeuwen and its partners discharged from chartered specialised ships, inspected and stowed safely the almost 8.000 pipes into the grass root developed DPSA.


The four acre DPSA, fully managed by Van Leeuwen, has served as the focal point for inventory control for the project partners, with Van Leeuwen supplying data analysis to the project and ensuring an ‘on time’ availability when loadouts were required ensuring a reliable supply flow during the pipeline construction at the ‘right-of-way’.

The coated pipes were protected by special shields for UV protection. A continued safe load plan was executed during 2022 to the contract partner Spiecapag/Taylor Woodrow, which was completed without incident in February 2023. The DPSA concept and the Van Leeuwen project management team both strongly contributed to a successful execution of this important pipeline project in the UK.

Project details

Client/Project Owner
Esso UK
United Kingdom
Project name
Jet fuel pipeline UK
Carbon steel pipes,Carbon steel pipes, fittings, flanges
> €10.000.000



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