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Green power on our own roofs

Green power on our own roofs

To date, Van Leeuwen has invested over 5 million euros in green electricity on its own roofs. The goal is to further invest in solar panels over the coming years, so that we can provide all of our branches in Europe fully with in-house generated green electricity.

On 13 September 2022, Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht put a solar panel installation with a 5-megawatt peak capacity into operation. Former prime minister of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, officially commissioned this installation. With this installation, comprising 9,100 solar panels on the roof of the warehouse in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, Van Leeuwen is taking an important step in reducing its COemissions. With solar panels covering a total surface area of 23,500 m², Van Leeuwen produces enough electricity in-house to provide green power to all of its branches in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, Van Leeuwen returns sufficient power to the grid for 300 households in the Netherlands.

At the beginning of September 2022, the first solar panels were also installed on the roof of Van Leeuwen Germany in Duisburg. Almost 2,000 solar panels were installed on the roof prior to 1 November. In total, the solar panels cover a 3,648 m² roof surface area. 

665 solar panels were installed on the roof of Van Leeuwen Romania.




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