Van Leeuwen
Van Leeuwen (Vilvoorde, BE)

Van Leeuwen (Vilvoorde, BE)

Van Leeuwen Belgium was founded in 1947, as Van Leeuwen’s first foreign branch. The company was originally based in a small office in Brussels with storage facilities in the port of Antwerp. In 1951 the company bought a site in Vilvoorde, an important industrial city in the heart of Belgium. The site covered 14,0000 m2 inlcuding a warehouse. From then onwards stock could be stored on the company's own terrain. Van Leeuwen Belgium grew steadily, broadening its market share significantly in the 1970s and 1980s in particular. The most recent expansion was made in 2011, when Van Leeuwen Belgium started using a new 2,400 square meters warehouse. Van Leeuwen Belgium operates in both the industy and energy markets.

Management: S. Vandermeulen

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Schaarbeeklei 189
1800 Vilvoorde, België

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Phone: +32 225 54000

International Network

Van Leeuwen serves its customers worldwide on the basis of an international network of about forty branches in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and America. Many branches are stock-keeping. We continuously invest in our distribution network by opening new offices, building new warehouses and expanding existing ones.



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