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I would recommend Van Leeuwen to students looking for an internship

I would recommend Van Leeuwen to students looking for an internship

Sean Lansbergen,
Business Economics student at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.

Van Leeuwen offers trainees like me a place to gain experience within a large international company. In this blog I tell about my experiences as an intern at the Corporate Finance department. What particularly struck me here was the involvement of colleagues and the freedom I was given during my research.

Why Van Leeuwen?

In my third year I did an internship at Rabobank, an international service company. After this internship, I thought it would be a more fun and sensible challenge to graduate at an international trading company. The choice then quickly fell on the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group.

The assignment

The Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group required a study into the most optimal internal transfer prices. First of all, I talked to various colleagues of Van Leeuwen at a few of its operating companies. In this way I further defined the problem and I could already start looking for possible solutions. Then I worked out and recommended the solution that serves most goals.

Freedom and involvement

Two aspects surprised me, namely the freedom I was given and the involvement of my colleagues. I was largely able to determine the details of the research myself. This responsibility I have experienced as very pleasant.

Besides my regular supervisor, the other colleagues were also very involved in the research. They were always open to questions and gave advice. For example, if I needed data from the systems, I often received it in my mailbox the same day.

Experienced professionals

Van Leeuwen is a company with experienced professionals, who enjoy sharing their knowledge with other colleagues. In addition to the knowledge available, colleagues are interested in others. One of Van Leeuwen's core values ​​is "continuity", where innovation and development lead to a bright future. If possible, after my studies I would certainly like to contribute to the bright future that Van Leeuwen has ahead.

My final verdict

Van Leeuwen helped me a lot with a very nice and interesting assignment, during which I have learned a lot from professionals. Personally I would recommend Van Leeuwen to all other students looking for an internship.



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