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Victaulic also allows the coupling of thin wall stainless steel

Victaulic also allows the coupling of thin wall stainless steel

Anton OverduinSjo-Heu Lain,
Van Leeuwen Stainless, Beesd

Van Leeuwen Stainless was selected to distribute the Victaulic StrengThin 100 system: a unique grooved coupling system to mount stainless steel tubes. Victaulic’s fittings and couplings are mainly used to assemble tubes for HVAC systems and drinking water installations. Although the coupling of tubes is nothing new in many industries, it’s quite the novelty in the HVAC market. This means we spend a lot of time pitching this system. In this blog, I will gladly elaborate on the advantages of Victaulic.

I work at Van Leeuwen Stainless as a sales manager for the Netherlands. My team and I handle the sale of stainless steel tubes and tube components to end users in the Netherlands. Another team delivers products to dealers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Selected as distributor

Although the grooved system is new to our clients, Victaulic has been around for over 90 years. For some time already, StrengThin is being used to install sprinkler installations and other fire security systems. Recently, a coupling system for thin wall stainless steel was released onto the market. Victaulic selected Van Leeuwen to distribute this package. This makes us very happy.

It contains innovations we love to introduce to our clients. Since we are pitching the new system, we tend to ask our clients more questions than usual. After all, we need to know more about a project in order to determine whether or not the system could be of use to our client. This is mostly related to the conditions required to work with the StrengThin package, as it was created specifically to couple 304/316 thin wall stainless steel tubes at a maximum of 16 bar.

This has many advantages, including:

  • Time saving: 10 times faster than a welded connection
  • The ability to prefabricate grooves and couplings needed for assembly
  • Each connection is the same; also, you are not dependent on weather conditions
  • It provides a solution for working in crawl spaces where welding is not allowed because of the danger of sparks
  • No X-ray is needed to evaluate the weld
  • No pickling and passivation needed

No welders needed

Add to the above that companies can stop searching for qualified welders. Especially now that the economy is recovering, many companies have a shortage of welders. Using the Victaulic system, an assembly worker can couple the tubes. The worker does not have to be qualified; a short introduction by us will be sufficient.

Convincing the market

The market still needs some convincing. People want to be able to compare costs, but costs are not always visible. Couplings, for one, can be uncoupled and expanded. A weld needs to be sawn through.

We also supply contractors, like installers. They deal with the clients they work for. In most cases, materials and techniques are prescribed by the client. This means the contractors will have to talk to the clients. Victaulic StrengThin has a different look than traditional welds. Instead of tightly welded tubes, the StrengThin system uses a course coupling every 6 meters. It simply looks different and may take some getting used to from an aesthetic point of view.

Delivery service

If the client goes through the consulting and quotation phase and decides to use the grooved system, we want to offer a good delivery system immediately. For this reason, we keep the entire package of grooved fittings and couplings in stock at Van Leeuwen Stainless in Beesd. The outside diameters vary from 2” up to 12”, with wall thickness ranging from 2mm up to 4,5mm. The corresponding thin wall tubes are grooved in our own facilities. In doing so, the system can be delivered and installed on location immediately. To me, this completes the circle: from advise to delivery, we are able to assist the client each step of the way. And that’s the way it should be!

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