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We adapt our service to the dairy market extremely fast

We adapt our service to the dairy market extremely fast

Rogier Kiriwenno,

Van Leeuwen Stainless

The dairy industry makes major investments to increase quality, sustainability and innovation. Dairy exports grow over 7 percent annually, thereby increasing pressure on production facilities. As a complete supplier to the dairy industry, Van Leeuwen Stainless removes this increased pressure. How we do it? Let me explain.

I work as an account manager for Van Leeuwen Stainless: the stainless steel specialist within the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group. This means I regularly speak with our clients in the food industry. They are active in the meat processing industry, industrial bakeries, the dairy industry and beer breweries.

Within these branches, we supply to subcontractors like construction companies, equipment manufacturers and installation companies. In turn, they make sure that the large dairy plants keep working. Although this means another ‘layer’ is added to the supply chain, I always listen to the wants and needs of the industry. After all, the industry decides the required level of quality and materials. By talking to both subcontractors and end users, we are able to quickly adapt to shifting wishes and demands. Our large storage capacity is an important asset in this process.

Supply what the industry wants

However, keeping everything in stock by ourselves is not always the best nor the most efficient solution. We want to be able to supply whatever the industry asks, so we collaborate with another stainless steel specialist. We realized it would be a good idea to share certain stocks for certain projects, which we call ‘specials’. This could apply to regular valves, butterfly valves, 11864 connections or other materials. By using a single large stock, both parties can offer complete packages to clients. The client receives the materials faster, which saves time and money. Thanks to this strategy, we have become a household name in the dairy industry.

Quality at Van Leeuwen

Our complete range of tubes is certified by Lloyd’s. To maintain this high standard, we work exclusively with mills which have been audited by our audit team. Besides applying a thorough vendor selection process, we also hold transportation of materials in high regard for our clients. All tubes can be sealed off with caps, to protect them from dust and dirt during transport. We always think along with clients and guarantee a clean product.

Working as a team

I have been working for 12,5 years for Van Leeuwen, 4 of which out in the field. Many colleagues have even longer-standing careers at the company, which has led to a high degree of knowledge and cooperation within the sales team. When a client issues a large order, an automatic process is engaged. The warehouse worker knows exactly what to do, as well as the colleagues at sales, procurement and logistics. Everyone at Van Leeuwen works together as a team.

Enjoying applesauce

The Dutch food industry focuses mainly on export. In the Netherlands, we have a lot of knowledge to offer. That’s why we use ‘our plants’ to showcase our work to the rest of the world. Also, the Netherlands is a genuine dairy country; that creates trust. Just look at the popularity of our baby formula in other countries.

‘Dairy’ is a broad term. It is not restricted to just milk products, but also includes animal food, cookies and fruits. Of all the products made with our tubes, almost 80 percent ends up abroad. Think, for instance, of fruit purees. People in France love applesauce and most large supermarkets offer a wide range of this product. Most of those products were made in Dutch factories. Just thinking about all those children and families enjoying their applesauce brings a smile to my face.


So in the end, what makes us different from others? We offer quality innovation and a complete range of products, so clients don’t have to shop around at different suppliers. Also, because employees stay with the company for long periods of time, we accumulate a lot of knowledge. This benefits the clients, because all employees know exactly which product solves their problem.

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