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Van Leeuwen Precision

Van Leeuwen Precision

Van Leeuwen Precision is the specialist for carbon steel precision products within the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group. Our delivery program includes cylinder tubes, hollow bar, hydraulic feed lines, shafts, peeled and chrome plated bars and a wide range of components. These products are mainly used for mechanical engineering applications, hydraulic systems, the automotive industry and the furniture industry. We complete our delivery with a variety of services, such as cutting, deburring, washing, boring and honing.

The main features of Van Leeuwen Precision are:

  • Extensive stocks of precision products
  • Excellent product know-how
  • Knowledge of markets and applications
  • Expertise in export of worldwide deliveries.

Alloy and Scrap Surcharges

Information about alloy and scrap surcharges is available here.

Price list Precision Products

Price lists for precision tubes and other products are available here.

Product Highlight

We supply our own brands Cintrex ®, Quatrex Fine ®, Swiss Gloss ® and Cronoline ...



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